Reflex: Rethinking Component Design

So is the title of the upcoming 360|Flex presentation on Reflex, a toolkit for Flash developers that has been in the works. The conference in March will finally mark its début:

With the emergence of so many new technologies it is an exciting time to be a developer. Embracing the spirit of advancement, Reflex was created to extend the Flash Platform with a component toolset worthy of its industry. Reinventing the features of Flex for the creative workflow, Reflex enhances the Flash Player (rather than abstracting it) to meet the demands of next generation applications and devices. Come be among the first to see what Reflex can do and learn about its unique architecture, the details of the project, its goals and its future. (session description)

The presentation will begin at 1:00pm on Tuesday, the 9th of March. Right after lunch. Be sure to come early for a good seat.


  1. Posted on February 7, 2010 at 10:21 am by Vasile

    I am about to start a flex based project at the middle of next week, will you be so kind to preview at least a part of it or sample code to make an idea on what it will be about, you can drop me an email if you don’t want to make it public so early
    thank you in advance

  2. Posted on March 9, 2010 at 10:54 pm by Kazi Faisal

    Hey Tyler, you 2 rock!!! Today’s presentation was really impressive. I will send you the pictures that I took during your presentation. Good luck!!!

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