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I’ve been doing some heavy research lately in FXG and Degrafa, digging through source code and everything. FXG and Degrafa are both graphics formats in XML markup (like SVG), both opensource, both pretty cool. I wasn’t particularly in favor of a markup format for graphics, with designing applications via MXML and such. I’ve now been converted. I think it’s really cool, useful for things like versioning, etc, and provides a more approachable file specification for developers to implement.

I still think designing is best done (for the most part) in a design tool like Photoshop and Illustrator. I’ve built several ActionScript-based design/editor apps in the past and wanted to put that experience toward a really great design tool that supports the two formats. Somewhere in the process I got a little excited (this will be no surprise to anyone who knows me) and started building my own graphics format. It serves no real purpose that FXG and Degrafa don’t cover, but I love it and it’s been very fun to build.

I’ll be getting back on track now with a FXG/Degrafa design app. Because of my under-the-hood time with the two formats I’d like to present on the formats and XML Graphics in general. I’ll get into the pros and cons and the future predictions sometime on the blog too.


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